Energetic Healing 

Working with the energy field around the body, the process is first to clear old or unwanted energy & to pinpoint possible areas of soreness or issue. These areas are then given special attention to relieve & revive. Once complete the horse is usually feeling varying degrees of being freed up from old constraints & in a state of relaxation.  You can watch your horse relax giving way to yawns & stretches, by the end of a treatment most horses are feeling pretty zen! Often there is quite a clearing during this process for horse & person, so it can be a bit of a journey, but it's always worth it. 


Equine Communication 

Most horses are willing to have the opportunity to share. You might have things confirmed as well as learn many things you didn't know. Including ways to make his life more comfortable, keep your horse healthier & offer an improved sense of wellbeing.  Intuitive messages are passed on during the healing process.  This information can be invaluable to the wellbeing of your horse. Very often though the greatest gift here is in opening a doorway to a deeper connection with your horse through increased understanding.  


Natural Horse Sense

Based on kindness & respect. Liane can share how to be energetically around your horse, so you can become the kind of partner your particular horse wants and needs to feel safe & happy. 



Disclaimer: Hands - on healing isn't a substitute for veterinary advice, treatment or care. Liane recommends to offer her services alongside your veterinary surgeons treatment, rather instead of it.