I strongly suggest that anyone that is interested in their horse's physical and metal state, invest in a session with Liane. Not only did I witness a complete unlocking of my horses body and mind, I also felt a complete opening up and cleansing of my own inner being!
I have four very different horses and each one has their own unique quirks that Liane touched on, felt, healed and helped me better understand and find a way to manage for us both.
A very cleansing, healing and uplifting experience for both myself and my horses. Liane has given me the confidence to move forward and enjoy my horses again. I feel a weight lifted from my chest and I'm excited to get back to connecting with my horses both on the ground and in the saddle.

Mel and Sherriff 2020


Liane came out to see my adopted Staghound Selkie. Selkie is a beautiful girl but as I’m her forth owner I don’t know much about her background. Selkie can be nervous sometimes including frightened of loud noises, strangers especially men, brooms etc; I know she’s obviously had some trauma in her life previously just by her behaviour. Liane was able to help me understand Selkies emotions, thoughts and what else I can To help Selkie recover from past abuse. Thank you Liane It’s much appreciated xo

Julie-Anne and Selkie

Amazing session with Liane! Thank you so much for the insightful reading. Its simply amazing that so much can be revealed, even from the other side of the world! Louisa and Mario have some work to do❤️

Louisa and Mario

I was very skeptical before Liane came out about the process. While my horse doesn’t really like people, she was immediately comfortable and relaxed with Liane. What Liane read from her was incredible and so true of my girl and how I’ve gotten to know her and it’s really helped me to understand my horse a lot better. Knowing what she is thinking has helped our relationship build stronger by the day. Liane was extremely professional and absolutely wonderful with my cheeky girl. I highly recommend her and I really recommend you get a reading done with your horse, you’ll be amazed at what you find out.

Ashleigh and Luna


Had such a great experience with this. So spot on and accurate with my horse and I. Look forward to putting into practice what I have learned about him and were our future takes us.

Sarah and Jett and Lana


Wow this was amazing. Liane was spot on with my horse. Thoroughly enjoyed listening of ways and Strategies to help with my riding.
Thank you so much
Sheree and Evie 💕


Had such an insightful session with Liane and my boy. It was incredible hearing what my boy had to say, so accurate of his personality and how I thought he might be thinking. Even highlighted an area of his back that was sore and that he though my saddle wasn't fitting and it was making me sit too far back which was completely accurate and in line with what the physio had uncovered just two weeks earlier (saddle fitter was coming out next day after reading). Such a wonderful experience and lovely finding out from my horse's view where he's at and what he's thinking.. invaluable! 🤗

Steph - Moét

Liane gave me a wonderful insight into how to help manage my dog's behaviour. I am very grateful to gain this understanding so I am better able to support him with what he needs.

Michelle - Loki 


Amazing!!! Learn't a lot about myself as well as my horse. Looking forward now to the next step in our journey?! Can't thank you enough!

Melissa - Sherriff 2019



I think Liane's reading of Mali was spot on. We don't know Liane, but she knew Mali.

Julie - Mali



Unbelievably accurate with reading your horse. A very natural flow.

Sharon - Chevy



Thank you so much with connection with Hercules - We appreciate your insights and work with him and us.

Michael - Hercules

Liane has such amazing insight and really picked up on who Hercules 'really is' Such a talented lady and very calming influence. 

Kerry - Hercules




Jenny - Bella



My horse was initially very suspicious of Liane when she began working with him, but to my great surprise in a very short space of time he had dropped his head down, was licking and chewing, yawning and rolling his eyes in complete relaxation. I had not discussed with Liane prior to her treating him, anything about his history or his physical issues, Liane independently discovered all his sore spots with complete accuracy and was able to tell me things about his past that I could confirm. She was also able to give me insights into his character which I am still finding useful. My horse felt better to work in the days after his treatment and was more relaxed. I can definitely recommend Liane.

Robyn - Armani



I know my horse and I knew that there was something wrong with him, but the vets were telling me otherwise.

We had never met Liane before, but she reaffirmed things that I knew about him and revealed other things that I never suspected - I did have a little tear in my eye at one point.

My horse knows how to be a horse, now I have some work to do.

Thank you Liane

Cathy - Noodles



The big difference since Liane treated them is Moz seems happier and more connected to me, I am finding it easier to keep a balance between them and make them both feel special (which they are) equally, and I think this has helped his confidence.  I also realise Moz very much needs to feel supported in everything I do with him and this has really improved how he is going under saddle. 


Thanks again for coming out to meet them both and your magic.

Fiona - Moz & Coz



I wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday.  It came at the right time and I've been left with this feeling that things are simpler, and recognising the importance of balancing "fixing" him with enjoying him. How did I not see this before? After I finished in his paddock he hung his head over the gate after me - that is something he has not done before.  Such a pleasure ...

Karin - Stormy


We have really reconnected. I feel like I was mad at him for everything that has happened... and was finally able to let that go and understand that he doesn't want it to be like this either. He wants to make me proud and to have fun and do stuff together... but I have been too upset with him to see that he has been trying his best


So I was able to let that resentment go and just enjoy spending time with him again. And focusing more on play and on fun... and I've found talking to him has really helped too... It feels quite weird to start with but I'm getting into it.


I went up the paddock quite late tonight and he was miles away down the hill in the pitch black... but he heard me coming and came cantering over... That's a big deal for him... It's been a year or so since he's done that. so I feel like we have made some good progress and it's given us a clean slate. It reminded me there is a sensitive intelligent being inside his body... not just a naughty horse. I still need to learn how to be more in tune with him.


So thank you... It's taken a week to wrap my head around the whole thing... but what you were able to communicate was quite powerful.

Alex - Dusty