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Liane Hensell                                              If you'd like to get in touch before booking, email me here. 

Kangaroo Ground

Victoria 3097




+61 423 013 878

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Note: Currently only phone consults are available. These have been working really well. Unless you're close by! 

AUD $50 per animal


Liane is available in Victoria year round & also at different times of the year in NSW, Adelaide, Tasmania, Queensland and New Zealand.


AUD: $70 for 1 horse - $60 per horse for 3, $50 for 4+.  4 is the maximum in one day! 

Within 10k $50 per animal :) 


Travel costs may need to be added.


Approximately 30-45 mins per session but can go up to an hour. 


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all or go ahead and book :)